Surveillance System


August 14, 2018

 In 2015, the Authority’s new Executive Director, JoAnn Mondsini, applied for and the RVRSA was awarded a $150,000 grant to add to RVRSA’s existing security surveillance system.  The system upgrade included new cameras, servers and the ability to record activity around the perimeter, entrances and inside the 21-acre site.  The Grant was funded through Homeland Security and monitored by the State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.   

 February 6, 2006


Leading edge technology, coupled with a do-it-yourself approach to unique, wireless installation, adds up to solid security return on investment for a “soft target” wastewater facility in the northeast.

New Jersey’s Attorney General got things rolling when, several years ago, he directed major wastewater treatment operations in the state to conduct vulnerability analysis of their facilities.

Risk Assessment
The Rockaway Valley Regional Sewerage Authority (RVRSA), located about 20 miles northwest of New York City, did more than just assess the risk exposure for the unprotected 21-acre site. Instead, the authority’s Executive Director Edward Ho has used the study as a guide to secure the site, including installing a Sony IP-based security system (Sony Security Systems, Park Ridge, N.J.) with nine IPELA network cameras channeling data to a server running Real Shot Manager, Sony’s command and control solution.

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