• Serves a population of approximately 93,000 persons in an area of 45 square miles.

• 25 miles of gravity sewers, with 3 siphon chambers and 22 meter chambers.

  • In 2017 began operation of two new pump stations. 

• Approximately 35,000 connections into the system.

• Serves nine member towns, one customer (Mine Hill) and a federal facility – Picatinny Arsenal.


The ten member municipalities are:

  1. Town of Boonton
  2. Township of Boonton
  3. Township of Denville
  4. Borough of Rockaway
  5. Township of Rockaway
  6. Town of Dover
  7. Township of Randolph
  8. Borough of Victory Gardens
  9. Borough of Wharton
  10. City of Jersey City (*)

(*) Located in the County of Hudson not part of RVRSA contiguous Service Area