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Ongoing Projects


Contract 44 – RVRSA Electrical Upgrade Project, Phase 1 –  Phase 1 of the Electrical Upgrade will replace the two generators in the main operations building with one natural gas engine and one diesel engine.  As of May 2022, the project is being designed. Project is being funded through the New Jersey I-Bank.

Contract 43 – RVRSA Gravity Main Repair Project – This project will encompass rehabilitation of the Boonton Siphon Inlet in Canalside Park, replacement of the Siphon Outlet in Pocket Park, and the replacement of pipe across Washington Steet.  The project will also address odor control and fencing at the RVRSA Siphon inlet, located in Canal Park, Town of Boonton.  As of May 2022, the project is in final design process. Project is being funded through the New Jersey I-Bank.

Contract 41- Filtration Facility and Phosphorus Removal Chemical Feed System – This project includes the construction of a new filtration facility building and chemical feed system for phosphorus reduction.  In accordance with the RVRSA’s NJPDES Permit, the RVRSA must remove phosphorus from its discharge into the Rockaway River to a new low level of 0.76 parts per million.  As of May 2022, the project is under construction.  This project is being funded through the New Jersey I-Bank.

Old Administration Building –  Feasibility Study – This study will investigate the costs associated with rehabilitation of the building to be used for additional office space and for storage of equipment and parts.

 PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl) –  Substances Evaluation – Current DEP investigation into PFAS and PFOS substances have led the RVRSA to test its moderate and high potential industrial permitted dischargers within the service area.  Testing results are being compiled for evaluation.

Preliminary Design for Contract 47 – Jersey City Trunk Sewer Replacement Boonton Section – This preliminary design will address permitting issues and cost evaluation for replacement of a portion or all of the 100-year old Jersey City Trunkline located on the Jersey City Reservoir property with the Town of Boonton.