Ongoing Projects

Contract 43 – RVRSA Gravity Main Repair Project – This project will encompass needed repairs of the RVRSA gravity main from Santa Land Park in the Town of Boonton to the Boonton Township meter station. The project will also address odor control and fencing at the RVRSA Siphon inlet, located in Canal Park, Town of Boonton.   As of August 14, 2018, investigation of RVRSA infrastructure and inspection of pipe are underway by RVRSA personnel.

Contract 42 – West Main Street Sewer Repair Project – This project includes the replacement and relining of sections of RVRSA gravity main from Santa Land Park to Canal Park in the Town of Boonton.  The project is complete and was funded through the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank.

Contract 41- Filtration Facility and Phosphorus Removal Chemical Feed System – This project includes the construction of a new filtration facility building and chemical feed system for phosphorus reduction.  In accordance with the RVRSA’s NJPDES Permit, the RVRSA must remove phosphorus from its discharge into the Rockaway River to a new low level of 0.76 parts per million.  This project is being funded through the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank.  

Contract 40 – Final Clarifier Repair Project – This project includes the replacement of the center column and rake arm assemblies of the existing Final Clarifiers.  The project also includes the construction of circular walls and extended bridges and stairs.  As of August 14, 2018, construction is underway.  The project completion date is June 6, 2019.  This project is being funded throught the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank.

Contract 39 – Jersey City Trunkline repair (Boonton Section along JC Reservoir) – As of August 14, 2018, the project is 99 % complete.  Remaining work includes inspection of re-lined portion of pipe and processing of potential final credit Change Order.

Contract 38 – Monroe Street and Harrison Avenue Pump Stations and Morris Avenue Gravity Main – As of August 14, 2018, the project is 99% complete.  Remaining work includes completion of punch list items, supply of Operation & Maintenance Manuals and As-Built drawings.  This project is being funded through both FEMA (75%) and the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank.

Contract 35 rebid-2 – Proposed replacement of pipe, siphon chamber and manholes associated with RVRSA infrastructure under Washington Street, in the Town of Boonton.  As of August 14, 2018 – Final specifications and plans are under review by both the RVRSA and the Town of Boonton.  Project plans and specifications are anticipated to be submitted to NJDEP for approval shortly.  Project is funded through New Jersey Infrastructure Bank. 

Enhanced Denitrification Project – Biological Nutrient Removal

The Rockaway River is the source of potable water for a large population of Northern New Jersey residents. During a prolonged period of drought during the late 1990’s the State regulators and planners decided to take steps to ensure the quality and quantity of water available for public consumption.
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Bio-Solids Improvement Project
The existing bio-solids processing facility has been in operation since the 1990’s. At this time the bio-solids yield continues to approach the time when the bio-solids production rate will exceed the original designed capacity processing rate.
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Ammonia Drip Project
Pending NJDEP regulations will require that RVRSA control the level of trihalomethanes (THMs) in the plant effluent. THMs are a result of the chlorination process which disinfects the RVRSA effluent prior to being discharged into the Rockaway River, which is a public, potable, water supply.
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Interceptor Odor Control
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