Get In Touch with RVRSA

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RVRSA Mailing Address
RD#1, 99 Greenbank Road
Boonton NJ 07005-9602 USA
T: (973) 263 1555 (24 hrs)
F: (973) 263 9068

8am – 6:30pm M-F, 9am – 2pm Sat/Sun

Physical Location of the Plant
99 Greenbank Road
Township of Parsippany Troy Hills NJ

JoAnn Mondsini, Executive Director,  jmondsini@rvrsa.org
Janice Fox, Administrative Assistant jfox@rvrsa.org 
Colleen Hunter, Records Clerk III,  colleen@rvrsa.org

Sandy Thai, Chief Financial Officer, sandy@rvrsa.org
Cathy Belli, Accounting Dept, cbelli@rvrsa.org

Licensed Operator/Plant Manager
Mario Bonaccorso, mbonaccorso@rvrsa.org

Human Resources/Safety Coordinator
Corinne Mosher, cmosher@rvrsa.org

Eric Reichert, Assistant Plant Manager, ereichert@rvrsa.org
Patrick O’Donnell, Swing Shift Supervisor, podonnell@rvrsa.org 
Scott Trimmer, Trunkline Manager, strimmer@rvrsa.org

Bob Bocchino, P.E., Engineering Manager, rbocchino@rvrsa.org
Scott Allen, Staff Engineer, scotta@rvrsa.org
Brian Carey, Assistant Engineer Ibcarey@rvrsa.org 
Herbert Ang, Electrical Engineer, hang@rvrsa.org
Natalie M. Pisarcik, IPP Coordinator,

Malgorzata Wachowiak, Certified Laboratory Manager, margaretW@rvrsa.org
Ginette Charles, Laboratory Technician, ginette@rvrsa.org
Jahnvi Upadhyay, Laboratory Technician, jahnvi@rvrsa.org 

The Board of the RVRSA
Hector Schorno, Chairman – hschorno@rvrsa.org
John Cegelka, Vice Chairman – jcegelka@rvrsa.org
Michael Guadagno, Secretary – mguadagno@rvrsa.org
Glenn Corbett, Treasurer – gcorbett@rvrsa.org
Tom M. Andes – tandes@rvrsa.org
Donald Farrell – dfarrell@rvrsa.org
Mark Howarth – mhowarth@rvrsa.org 
William J. Isselin – wisselin@rvrsa.org
Anthony Recchia, Jr. – arecchia@rvrsa.org
Thomas Zuppa, Jr. – tzuppa@rvrsa.org

Odor Complaints
For odor complaints please contact Scott Trimmer, Trunkline Manager,       973-263-1555 ext. 239.

Please call (973) 263-1555, during business hours or (973) 570 6678 during off hours and/or report your concern with the form above.