Operation, Maintenance and Trunk Line Divisions

In November 2012, the RVRSA reorganized and created three specific divisions:

Operations (Three shifts, 4 Operators per shift for a total of 12 Operators);

Maintenance Division (3 Maintenance Mechanics and 1 custodian); and

Trunk Line Division (Three Operators)


The RVRSA Operations Division is responsible for the daily operation of the treatment plant. The division performs regulatory and process control analyses, adjusts feed rates for chemical equipment, processes sludge, oversees the loading of sludge on trucks, inspects, measures and records treatment data, assists laboratory personnel with sampling, rotates equipment, takes equipment off line and puts equipment on line as needed, and monitors the treatment process and adjusts as needed.


The RVRSA Maintenance Division is responsible for a multitude of preventative maintenance tasks. The division performs preventative maintenance, PM, on a daily basis to minimize equipment failure, reduce excess cost, and insure the plant operates as efficiently as possible. In addition to PM duties, the division also performs emergency maintenance when necessary. The division is also responsible for snow removal, and building and grounds maintenance.


The RVRSA Trunk Line Division is responsible for the trunk line interceptor, which consists of approximately 14 miles of main trunk, as well as branch interceptor lines. This also includes 22 metering stations along the length of the trunk line; which are used for billing purposes, as well as 4 siphon chambers.

The trunk line crew is responsible for inspecting and maintaining manholes, the main trunk line, and the metering chambers. To clean the trunk line, the crew utilizes a sewer/vaccum truck. Beginning in 2015 the trunk line crew will begin performing TV inspections of the trunk line to create a priority list of needed repairs to the system.

The Trunk Line crew are also available to assist our Member Towns in the event of a sewer blockage or other problems that may incur within our service area.