Current Challenges

Opposition to Senate 2427

The RVRSA affirms its opposition to Senate 2427 in the current form approved by vote of the State Senate on February 17, 2011, which empowers the action of minority, perhaps only one member municipality of the majority of municipalities comprising of a regional sewerage authority to thwart the action of the overwhelming majority can lead to a host of untold negative outcomes.

To read more please click here to download the letter sent to Senator Anthony R. Bucco, 25th Legislative District, dated April 8, 2011

Open Letter From Office of the Mayor
Township of Rockaway

The Office of the Mayor, Township of Rockaway in an open letter urges all taxpayers to write to the Office of the Governor to express concerns that the RVRSA’s sewer bills will be impacted as result of the published article in the Daily Record dated February 24, 2008.

Download full version of the published article on Daily Record dated February 24, 2008

NJDEP Wastewater Management Plan
County of Morris Draft Sewer Service Area
Public Meeting – February 9, 2011

The Rockaway Valley Regional Sewerage is dismayed to learn at the public meeting of February 9, 2011 that the Wastewater Management Plan is yet to be finalized.

The RVRSA is aware of the recent reorganization of the NJDEP and understands the staffing difficulties that are being experienced as result of these changes. However desirable commercial opportunities are being shunned away by the lack of an approved WMP, which is delaying the construction of much needed improvements so that its wastewater treatment plant can be re-rated/expanded to adequately handle the additional demands imposed by the Morris County member municipalities within its current sewer service area. The RVRSA looks forward to work expeditiously with the NJDEP to resolve any open issues so that an approved WMP can be adopted.

To read more about RVRSA’s concern, download the letter dated March 3, 2011 to Commissioner Bob Martin, NJDEP