The RVRSA staff/personnel consist of 33 full-time employees within the following departments: Administration, Accounting, Engineering, Industrial Pretreatment, Laboratory, Operation/Maintenance and Trunk Line.

The plant is managed by Executive Director JoAnn Mondsini, and operated by licensed operators Mario Bonaccorso, Plant Manager and Eric Reichert, Assistant Plant Manager.

JoAnn Mondsini, S-4, C-4 Executive Director
Janice Fox, Administrative Assistant/Custodian of Public Records/Assistant Board Secretary                                                                                                                          Pamela Fernandez-Smith, Records Clerk I

B. K. Sandy Thai, CMFO, QPA, RPPS, Chief Financial Officer/SED Officer/Assistant Board Treasurer, Qualified Purchasing Agent
Cathy Belli, Payroll, Benefits Specialist

Licensed Operator
Mario Bonaccorso, S-4, C-4, CPWM, CDL A, Licensed Operator/Plant Manager

Human Resources/Safety Coordinator
Corinne Mosher, Human Resources/Safety Coordinator

Eric Reichert, S-4, C-3, CPWM, CDL B, Back-up Licensed Operator/Asst. Plant Manager
Patrick O’Donnell – S4, C-4, W-2, T-3, N-2, Class A CDL, Swing Shift Supervisor

Trunk Line
Scott Trimmer, C-2, CDL B Trunk Line Manager

Robert Bocchino, P.E., Manager of Engineering
Scott Allen, Staff Engineer
Ed Grimsland, Engineering Assistant I
Herbert Ang, Electrical Engineer
Natalie Pisarcik, S-2, C-3, N-2, IPP Coordinator

Malgorzata Wachowiak, S1, Laboratory Manager
Ginette Charles, Laboratory Technician Asst. Quality Assurance Officer

Plant Departments & Personnel

Ali, Abdul

Caballero, Yolanda

Leahy, Eric – S-1, C-2, B

Mejorado, Daniel

Micali, Glen
Santos, Jorge –  S-1, C-1
Sgro, Ted
Thunell, Warren – S-2, C-1
Venturini, Robert
Yudichak, Kenneth – S-2, C-3, CDL-A                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Maxson, Jim – CDL – A
McManus, Robert – S-1, C-1,CDL-B
McNamara, Daniel – S-1, C-2, CDL-B

Simmons, Ray –  CDL – B
DeDominics, Mario –  CDL – B

Building Maintenance
Skrobola, Joseph

Custodial Services