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On Sunday, July 24, 2016 a sink hole was reported in the Santa Land Park located off West Main Street in the Town of Boonton. RVRSA personnel responded immediately and found that a piece of pipe, approximately 18-inches in diameter was missing from the crown of the 54-inch sewer main that runs through the Santa Land Park. The sink hole was approximately 15-feet deep and 10-feet in diameter. The RVRSA 54-inch gravity main is located approximately 15 – 20 feet below the ground. The Department of Environmental Protection was notified to report the break in the sewer gravity main. No one was injured and no wastewater was discharged to the environment.

The site of the sink hole was immediately secured by RVRSA personnel to ensure public safety. In addition, RVRSA personnel, Kleinfelder, RVRSA construction engineer, Tomar Construction subcontractor, the Town of Boonton Mayor, Water Department Superintendent, Police and Morris County Engineering representative all met on site on Sunday to assess the damage and begin the process of planning and coordinating the repair of the gravity main while protecting the Township of Boonton and Town of Boonton (partial) water service.

It is anticipated that a temporary repair of the 54-inch sewer main will take approximately two to three weeks. Once the temporary repair to the pipe is made, the sink hole will be filled back to ground level. Emergency by-pass pumps have been installed and will remain on-site until the final repair is complete.

Daily updates of the progress of the work to restore this section of pipe are being provided to the Mayor of the Town of Boonton and to the Commissioners of the RVRSA. These updates will also be available on the RVRSA website.

As of July 29, 2016, work performed includes: Stabilization of the Town of Boonton water service adjacent to the sink hole, trenching installed to stabilize the sink hole, emergency by pass pumping and piping installed and temporary fencing has been installed for public safety.

Sink Hole Photos (Updated Aug. 1st, 2016)

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