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Bio-Solids Improvement Project

The existing bio-solids processing facility has been in operation since the 1990’s. At this time the bio-solids yield continues to approach the time when the bio-solids production rate will exceed the original designed capacity processing rate. In recognizing this fact, RVRSA board members engaged the services of a consulting engineering firm to study the bio-solids processing system and prepare a report, outlining options for addressing the bio-solids production problem. The engineers presented a report which put forth a number of options. RVRSA personnel reviewed each option and together agreed to proceed with the option that best fits the authority’s current and future sludge processing program.

The proposed bio-solids process option chosen by the RVRSA board members and personnel will be designed and constructed through a NJEIT low interest loan in the principal amount of $13,460,000.00. The project will consist of upgrading the existing bio-solids building, installing three (3) rotating drum thickeners, additional sludge storage facilities and odor control equipment.