No, certain household chemicals are not considered an industrial waste, but they can be considered harmful to the sewer system and treatment plant. Household chemicals such as: used motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, paints and stains, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, thinners and solvents, liquid mercury, and any other liquid chemicals which are considered “toxic and/or harmful” to the environment should NEVER be poured down any drains and/or dumped in manholes. While it is more convenient to pour such liquids down drains, it is ILLEGAL and can cause harm not only to the treatment plants collection system and the treatment plant it self – but can create explosive or harmful atmospheres which can lead to health and safety issues through out the community. Contact your local health department or department of public works for assistance on how to properly dispose such “hazardous” household chemicals. The Morris County MUA also offers many solutions on how to dispose these chemicals properly. Feel free to check out their informative website for more details. (